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Brian Tocci

I first met the Larsen’s back in 2011 while I was a student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. I was an Aerospace Engineer who loved cars. My friend and I were part of the rocket club and were going to work with the Larsen’s on a mobile test stand for the club. After I went through their Daytona Shop I was hooked.

I started volunteering and help put the finishing touches on their Daytona Shop. From there I was part of their first round of Internships ever where I designed and built a portable hospitability cart that carried seating for 20, a serving station, and 400 sq. ft of covered area that would breakdown onto a 30’’ by 8’ movable cart. From there I kept staying with the team for consecutive internships where I did anything and everything I could get my hands on from racecar maintenance, wiring, fuel systems, design work, and even became a Crew Chief. By the time I was starting my senior year, I was offered a full time position upon graduation, which I immediately took because I always knew I wanted to work with cars and design them, but I just didn’t know it would be Jet Cars.

Today, I am the Director of Operations at Larsen Motorsports with my Aerospace Engineering Degree and my MBA from Florida Tech that I earned while working at Larsen Motorsports through Florida Tech Online. I am currently finishing the final assembly on the Generation 6 Jet Dragster Serial Number #1 which I was a part of the Design Team. The different projects I have worked on over the years have challenged me and pushed me to become a better employee, leader, and person.

The experience I have gained from the Larsen Motorsports Team is something that I will use for the rest of my life no matter where I am. I learned so many different technical skills such as welding and fabrication, social skills such as networking and public speaking, personal skills such as financial planning, and team skills such as leadership and working with others. I would not trade any of this for anything else. I was extremely fortunate that I had the opportunity to volunteer with the Larsen Team and turn it into my dream job that I get to live every day!!!


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