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Mark Vasapollo

Crew Chief 
HOK_Logo_5_noshadow (1).png

Jet Racing Team

Driven by Josette Roach, the new House of Kolor Jet Dragster features a stunning design that perfectly showcases the bold colors and intricate details of House of Kolor and what it means to be a premium custom finish.This paint scheme is a collaboration between the LMS and HOK, and was beautifully painted by Javier Soto and Juan ‘Munch’ Gonzalez. From the sleek lines of the body to the intricate graphics and logos, every detail of this machine has been meticulously crafted to create a work of art that is as fast as it is beautiful.


This is truly a Legendary Finish for a Legendary Race Team.


Length: 27 feet 

Wheelbase: 264 inches

Frame: Normalized 4130 Chrome-Moly

Fueled Weight: 1145 lbs

Paint: House of Kolor

Artists: Javier Soto and Juan 'Munch' Gonzalez

Steering Wheel: carbon fiber reinforced 3D-printed steering wheel, utilized Markforged X7 Industrial 3D printer

Propulsion Data: 

Engine Type: General Electric J-85

Afterburner: LMS custom design built from 316L stainless steel

Horsepower: 4,500 pounds of thrust 

Airplane Application: Northrop T-38 Talon

                                     Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter

                                     Cessna A-37 Light Attack Fighter

                                     C-123 Provider

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