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Meet the LMS Intern Teams: Spring 2024 Class

Founded by Chris and Elaine Larsen, Larsen Motorsports is a multi-team exhibition jet racing company based in Palm Bay, Florida. Attending over two dozen premium events annually, including races, trade shows, and corporate promotions across the U.S., we aim to bring new talent to drag racing. Whether it’s driving, design, engineering, fabrication, or maintenance, our Development Program attracts talent worldwide to share our passion.
It takes a team to make what we happen in the shop a reality. Here at LMS, we work hands-on with FIT student interns to help them gain the knowledge and skills they need before entering the industry. We also partner with Blazing Trails, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to inspiring the next generation of trail blazers to help them achieve their dreams! Larsen Motorsports is proud of their students and offers many opportunities to help guide them to their future endeavors. 

Learn more about our internships by clicking HERE. At Larsen Motorsports, our 8 intern teams support our facility and jet dragsters, bringing diverse skills from STEM to business to each team.
team photo.

Fabrication Team

Software/HIVE Team

Propulsion Team

Composites Team

Digital Design Team

J-85 AR Training Team

Facility Upgrades Team

Business/Marketing Team

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