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Josette Roach, 29, of Saint Augustine, FL developed an early interest in the automotive and motorsports industries. This isn’t surprising considering her family was involved in drag racing and the automotive industry long before Josette was alive. Her parents, naturally, were at a race track the day before she was born. She, with her father Butch, always wanted to be in his garage getting hands on in whatever project he threw at her. Josette’s parents engrained in her from an early age that she could be anything or do anything, but it would be hard work to get there. Her parents always encouraged her to chase after her dreams and never let being a female stop her. She began racing junior dragsters at the age of 16 and slowly worked her way into faster and faster bracket racing classes. For Josette, the race track is a place where her entire family gets together to spend quality time doing something they all love.


In 2015, Josette graduated with an Associate in Arts Degree with high honor. After experimenting in music, theater, cheer and even biomedical sciences, Josette decided to pursue her passion in the industry she grew up around. Josette has been apart of the Larsen Motorsports (LMS) team since 2017. In 2019, she received a full-time job offer with the team and has been hooked ever since. 2022 was Josette’s first season as a primary driver for the House of Kolor Jet Racing Team. She looks forward to the 2024 season.


Josette looks forward to the future at LMS and lives every moment enjoying the small things. “Don’t just shoot for stars, shoot past them. Don’t let the fear of ‘what if’ stop you.” says Josette. She believes this new generation has so much opportunity and they just have to dream it, see it, and just go for it.

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12 Fast Facts

Favorite Color: Every shade of blue! Especially the Ford Mustang Grabber Blue

Favorite Food: Pasta, pizza, fried pickles. You can’t pick just one favorite food.

Favorite Movie: There are so many good movies out there! I can’t pick just one!

Favorite Racer: This is a hard one. I have met so many drag racers and they have all impacted me so positively. They are why I love this sport. Drag racing is made up of some really great people, the type of people that lend a hand and give you the shirt off their back if you need it. It really is a family.

Favorite Song: In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins

Favorite Animal: Kangaroo

Favorite Car: I appreciate all cars but Ford Mustangs 😊

Superpower: time travel

Weirdest thing you’ve eaten: gator tail and escargot

1 thing that someone doesn’t know about you: I really like science. 

What do you like to do when you are not racing? Spend time with my family and friends. Going to the race track to race my personal racecars!

If you weren’t a race car driver, what would you want to do? Be a race car driver. I would just have to have a different full-time job to support the racing habit lol!


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