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Based in Palm Bay, FL, the headquarters of Larsen Industries is embedded within the heart of Florida’s Space Coast technology corridor.  Our 30,000 square foot facility reflects the ultimate blend of traditional manufacturing and the cutting edge of manufacturing technology; we are a leading research and development company with full concept, design, engineering and operational capabilities in house.

LI has dedicated nearly 50% of our facility to educating visitors.  Daily guided tours take the public through the entire process of operating a world championship winning race team.  Through concept, design, engineering, fabrication, and highly customized finish work, visitors learn how Larsen Motorsports and our partners are creating the next generation of high-performance vehicle professionals. 80% of the LMS work force are student interns in STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education.

Our team is comprised of Florida Tech student interns from around the world. We primarily work with students in the following degrees: 

      Mechanical Engineering 

      Aerospace Engineering

      Chemical Engineering 

      Human Factors

      Electrical Engineering 

      Digital Communications 



    And Many More. 

To learn more about becoming a student intern or shadowing at the Larsen Industries shop please email for more information. 

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