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About LMS

Established in 2006, Larsen Motorsports (LMS) has grown to become one of the most sought exhibition teams.  Winning 2 World Championships with the IHRA Nitro Jam series, LMS owns 6 elite jet racing teams that are crowd favorites, including the 2x World Championship car driven by Elaine Larsen.  

Headquartered in Palm Bay, FL LMS campaigns the Florida Tech and House of Kolor jet dragsters at over two dozen events per year.  LMS prides ourselves in safety & innovation and is on the cutting edge of new technology.  

Working hand in hand with Aerospace Technology Group helping provide the next generation with valuable "hands on" skills needed to provide them with the experience, dedication, and determination to gain access to their dream jobs.  

For more information, visit the schedule page to see the teams in action or Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.


  Chris & Elaine



CEO & Co-Owner

Chris Larsen

President & Co-Owner

Elaine Larsen

   Chris and Elaine Larsen are High School sweethearts, married for over 30 years, these two have a passion for motorsports. The two are originally from Northern Michigan and moved to Florida to fulfill their jet racing dreams.

   Chris has an Airframe and Power Plant degree, as well as being an FAA licensed pilot. Elaine grew up as a Mennonite and she was taught strong family values that have transitioned well into the racing community. 

   Growing up, Chris was heavily engaged with the motorsports world. Introducing Elaine to the racing world was an easy thing to do. Elaine, a high energy woman, was immediately hooked on all the things that racing had to offer. Chris and Elaine knew that they wanted to do more with their love for motorsports, and the best way to do that was together. Chris asked Elaine to be his driver while he worked on the racing vehicles. 

   When Chris decided he wanted to merge his love for aircrafts and racing, he found that Jet Cars were the perfect fit for the Larsens. Knowing that this was a new and exciting endeavor, Elaine hopped into the drivers seat of these Jet powered beasts. While the two faced an uncertain, and at times, difficult road, they stuck to their guns and arrived on top. 

   Chris and Elaine have a son named Andrew Larsen, who has followed in his father's footsteps in getting his Airframe and Power Plant degree. The Larsen family travels North America to various drag racing and sponsor events throughout the year. 

   Larsen Motorsports is one of the largest turbine powered motorsports drag racing companies in the world. Two world championships, a few bad days at the track, and adventures to last a lifetime have represented the Larsen's careers. 

   Since the creation of Larsen Motorsports, a few additions have been made towards the company's mission statement. Larsen Motorsports has shifted from purely a race team, to becoming a high performance vehicle development and research center for the next generation of specialists. Chris and Elaine work with high school and college students who are looking for hands-on learning opportunities on Florida's Space Coast. Inspiring and educating students comes easily to both Chris and Elaine. 

   As their dreams continue to grow and develop, one thing is for sure, the Larsens have created a company to be proud of. 

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